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Antigua presents itself in many ways as the epitome of tropical islands out of a traveler's imagination or a movie set. In addition to the attractive physical features of this Caribbean island, flight routes of the major and regional airlines allow Antigua to become a fairly easy destination to get to. Once on Antigua, the local residents with their outgoing and friendly demeanor complete the Antiguan experience.

Upon your arrival at the V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua visitors notice the lush tropical foliage right on the airport grounds. Touring around the island the palm trees and other Caribbean plants seem never ending, particularly in the rain forest area. Other islands present certain barren areas or even desert like conditions, while Antigua offers a consistent green tropical atmosphere matched by few other islands.

Asking locals or reading in books what makes Antigua special most talk about Antigua's beaches. Not many vacation destinations boast a whopping 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. With their white sand and warm clear water the beaches of Antigua stand as a prime asset of the island. For those willing to adventure out of the main areas it means that the chances of finding an uncrowded or even deserted beach for yourself goes up on Antigua if nothing else because of the sheer number of available beaches.

Getting to Antigua usually comes of the form of air travel, with direct flights to Antigua ( ANU ) from cities in the US, Canada, Europe and other Caribbean airports. Vacationers may spend all their time on Antigua or use its airport as a hub for island hopping flights to other Caribbean destinations. Cruise ship passengers arrive at the deep water port in St. Johns, the main city on Antigua. Near the dock visitors discover shopping ranging from small vendors selling handmade goods to high end stores featuring international designers' handbags and jewelry.

Navigating your boat to Antigua might land you in the modern enclave of Jolly Harbour or historic English Harbour. While thinking about nautical adventures don't forget about a sunset cruise or the ferry to Antigua's sister island, Barbuda. Under the water scuba divers and snorkelers can discover reefs, fish and other sea creatures while sport fishermen can track down a large catch.

If you want to enjoy a tropical beach and admire beautiful scenery think about Antigua as your Caribbean vacation destination, especially if you want to maximize your time in the sun and minimize your hours traveling.

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